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The business is one of the few that is Safe Harbor accredited, meaning they are able to ensure the security of client information, and compliance with both EU and U.S. laws. For positions involving accounting or financial obligations, credit reports may provide insight into the way financially dependable you are. Services and Flexibility / FCRA Regulated Yes NAPBS Accreditation Yes Get for Pricing Prior to agreeing to allow an employer to conduct a background check through the hiring process, learn which kind of information they can discover and what your rights are. . Accurate Background Inc.. What is a Background Check? Accurate Background Inc. is a top employment screening service governed by the FCRA and licensed by the NAPBS.

A background check is an overview of somebody ‘s commercial, criminal, and sometimes financial records. The business utilizes a leverages technology to help reduce risk when hiring. Typically, an employer will contract with an external vendor that specializes in background checks. This is an important service, as suits for injury or other adverse events due to improper hiring of unqualified candidates can result in massive judgements against your business.

The background check business will review your records to determine if you are who you say you are and if there are some red flags in your professional or personal history. Services are tailored to your requirements, so you won’t find yourself paying for more than you require, or getting less. Depending on restrictions imposed by state law, these records might include criminal history, employment history, credit history, driving record, as well as history. Services and Flexibility / FCRA Regulated Yes NAPBS Accreditation Yes Get for Pricing On the other hand, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC warns employers against utilizing medical history or genetic information in hiring decisions. . Pre Employ. Why Companies Conduct Background Checks.

Pre employ is FCRA regulated and NAPBS licensed. There are many explanations for why background checks are widely used in hiring. It was rated among the top employee screening solutions in the business from HRO Today. The employer may need to make sure you are telling the truth. The company does employee background screening, using background checks, and provides I Compliance, Employment Verification, and Drug Testing services. It’s estimated that over percent of resumes can contain false or tweaked information, so employers need to ensure that you can do what claim. There are many items to choose from when choosing what information to verify on your desktop screenings.

Once they hire you, an employer can tout your credentials to clients if it is revealed that these credentials are false, it reflects badly on the company. Services and Flexibility / FCRA Regulated Yes NAPBS Accreditation Yes Get for Pricing The employer may carry out a background check to learn whether you actually graduated from the college you stated you did or to affirm that you worked in your previous employers during the time mentioned on your resume or your job program. . American Checked. These tests may also be used to protect employers from liability problems if workers act badly, employers can sometimes be held responsible for neglect, or neglecting to do the research required. This NABPS licensed employee screening company offers three different packages, and and option to create custom packages tailored to each potential hire, taking into account the position for which your business is hiring. By way of instance, if a bus firm hires someone with a bad driving record, they may be held responsible in the event the driver gets into an accident the anticipation is that a bus company should check the driving records of any candidate before hiring. The client service team is handily U.S. based to ensure quality of service.

Employers Need To Ask Before performing a Background Check. Additionally, all workers are FCRA licensed, and AmericanChecked is DBE and HubZone certified meaning it is owned, controlled and run by men and women in a disadvantaged situation, in an underutilized business zone. Before performing a background or credit check, employers must request and receive written consent from you.

Services and Flexibility / FCRA Regulated Yes NAPBS Accreditation Yes Get for Pricing If anything in the reports leads to the business deciding against hiring one, they must inform you and offer you a copy of the report. . Backtrack Inc.. These rules are governed by the Federal Trade Commission FTC and therefore are supposed to protect you. This NAPBS accredited employee background screening agency provides extensive background checks with around ten solutions such as Education, Credential Verification, and Driving History. For instance, perhaps something which turns up in your background check is incorrect having access to the report will allow you to get in touch with the essential organizations and agencies to fix the error. Besides its true background check solutions, Backtrack Inc. offers a large range of support to clients such as white papers on various issues many companies face in hiring, liability, and employer actions against workers. While some information on your background check may be of legitimate concern to employers, these tests cannot be used as an excuse to discriminate.

Services and Flexibility / FCRA Regulated Yes NAPBS Accreditation Yes Get for Pricing Employers must request background checks of all candidates equally for instance, it could be illegal to check the criminal records of male job applicants but not female. . Edge Information Management. And, employers cannot use desktop information to discriminate. Edge Information Management offers just about everything possible in the employment screening industry, such as acquiring copies of first court documents, both tenant and employment screening solutions, driving history, and electronic fingerprinting, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC should you guess the background check was used in a discriminatory way.

The business is NAPBS accredited and prides itself on its versatility in producing customized solutions to clients. It is discrimination to create a hiring decision based on race, national origin, sex, religion, disability, genetic data, and age for applicants or older. Services and Flexibility / FCRA Regulated Yes NAPBS Accreditation Yes Get Pricing Employment Background Check Timing. . Corporate Screening Services. Many employers conduct reference and background checks during the hiring process, prior to supplying a candidate the job. This company is FCRA regulated as a customer reporting agency as well as what’s more, is National Association of Professional Background Screeners licensed. However, in some cases, a job offer may be determined by the outcome of the background reputable background check services check. The business is designed to provide employment background screening and support services to companies of all sizes.

That usually means the offer could be removed if the organization finds adverse details. The business also supplies an auditing service to ensure hiring practices are FCRA compliant, among many other solutions beside employee background screening. When the tests aren’t finished before your start date, you can lose your work.

The business doesn’t publicly post deals since its packages are custom tailored to the requirements of the business in question.


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