How To Program With Yii2

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This gives you functional panel at the bottom of the page. On this page you can view all executed queries and filter them. But when i add the joins without the loop, like below, i get an array, as expected.

If you want to log all relational queries of ActiveRecord in console application all proposed methods doesn’t help. They show only main SQL on active record’s table, \yii\debug\Module works only in browser. You can use ActiveRecord to also query a table’s relational data (i.e., selection of data from Table A can also pull in related data from Table B).

It’s called Active Record and is a key aspect of programming database applications efficiently in Yii. fixed set of conditions to the instance that implements and returns the configured instance for later use. AR is also OK for simple queries resulting in under 100 records per page. It’s not as performant as working with arrays produced by query builder or asArray() but is more pleasure to work with. AR is perfect when you need to delete, update or create one or more records sequentially. array The link between the junction table and the table associated with $primaryModel.

You may change this behavior by passing the $eagerLoading parameter which specifies whether to eager load the specified relations. Now, you can track/read/… all queries executed by db connection. In addition to arogachev answer, how much did it cost to make snapchat when you already work with an ActiveQuery object, here is the line I search to view the rawsql. I usually don’t filter them in Grid and use standard browser search to quickly navigate through and find the necessary query .

Pandas’ Series Contains Attributeerror: ‘series’ Object Has No Attribute ‘contains’

// Use inner join to connect the books association and customer association in the order. This extension provides a generic data collection as well as a collection for the ActiveRecord DB layer of Yii 2. needs full engagement from employees, partners, customers, and your software development team.

Converts the raw query results into the format as specified by this query. The new condition and the existing one will be joined using the ‘OR’ operator.

Passing An Array As A Query Parameter To The Link

This method is internally used to convert the data fetched from database into the format as required by this query. This method differs from with() in that it will build up and execute a JOIN SQL statement for the primary table. And when $eagerLoading is true, it will call with() in addition with the specified relations. Because ActiveQuery extends from yii\db\Query, one can use query methods, such as where(),orderBy() to customize the query options. Check [[yii\db\ActiveQuery]] methods that are very useful for modifying query conditions.

yii2 activequery

The keys of the array represent the columns in the junction table, and the values represent the columns in the $primaryModel table. You may override this method to do some final preparation work when converting a query into a SQL statement. boolean|array Whether to eager load the relations specified in $with. When this is a boolean, it applies to all relations specified in $with.

Relations With Junction Table

Check this option if you want your label names the same as Comments of your database fields. This is the default screen of Gii which you will get after accessing the above URL. There are many generators in Gii like model generator, CRUD generator, Controller generator, Form generator, module generator and extension generator.

yii2 activequery

The last andWhere() method adds a LIKE condition with one percentage sign at the right. callable A PHP callback for customizing the yii2 activequery relation associated with the junction table. Its signature should be function($query), where $query is the query to be customized.

Find All Records

Thanks to ActiveRecord, the relational data returned can be accessed like a property of the ActiveRecord object associated with the primary table. If a relation involves a junction table, it may be specified by via() or viaTable() method. These methods may only be called in a relational context. Same is true for inverseOf(), which marks a relation as inverse of another relation and onCondition() which adds a condition that is to be added to relational query join condition. With relations that return yii\db\ActiveQuery instance it’s possible to extract the raw SQL query directly in code for example with var_dump().

yii2 activequery

The optional expand parameter of toArray() will additionally call extraFields() which dictates which fields will also be included. You might notice that the ID attributes of the various instances yii2 activequery are used while they are not set. This can be done safely because the save() call will INSERT the data and get assigned the primary key back from the database and make the ID property value valid.

Behavior can be used to enhance the functionality of an existing component without modifying its code. It can also respond to the events in the component that it was attached to. These two fields methods are implemented by BaseActiveRecord and you can implement them in your own model to customize the output of the toArray() call.

I’ll use an example model I created in the Building Your Startup series. That series guides you through how I’m building my startup, Meeting Planner, in Yii2. In this episode, I’ll focus more on leveraging Active Record in your stage of team development code. does not implement its own logic – all logic is delegated to the filter classes. Thus, we have left the behavior of the entire original class unchanged. The default behavior of the original method has not changed.

If there are no dirty attributes then there is nothing to be saved so no query will be issued at all. Because of this difference, you may apply query conditions that are only available to a JOIN SQL statement. For example, you may filter the primary models by the conditions on the related models, like the yii2 activequery example above. You may also sort the primary models using columns from the related tables. How many SQL queries will be performed in the above code, assuming there are more than 100 customers in the database? Then for each customer, a SQL query is performed to bring back the orders of that customer.

The ActiveRecord, being extended from Model, now implements the \yii\base\Arrayable trait with it’s toArray() method. This allows you to convert the model with attributes to an array quickly. This isn’t wise normally, because Yii will actually call validate() on the class before actually saving it in the database. The database INSERT won’t be executed should any of the validation rules fail. Now that we’ve defined all the relations, we can start using the model. The via() method allows you to use an already defined relation as via table.

An ActiveQuery can be a normal query or be used in a relational context. Override the optimisticLock() method to return the name of this column. Optimistic locking allows multiple users to access the same record for edits and avoids potential conflicts. For example, when a user attempts to save the record upon some staled data , a [[\yii\db\StaleObjectException]] exception will be thrown, and the update or deletion is skipped.

Save Data To Database

The tableName() function defines which database table is related to this Model. This allows a decoupling of the class name from the actual table name. Your work becomes more efficient, more secure, works within Yii’s model view controller architecture, and is portable should you decide to switch database platforms (e.g. MySQL to PostgreSQL).


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